Flotation wheelchair seat cushion  wheelchair seat cushion
  • Airy™ flotation cushion can inflate the air into Single or Dual compartments, and user and adjust the pressure to the exact level of comfort they need.
  • Airy™ flotation cushion is made of Neoprene air cell, each cell is soft, pliable and stretchable. The independent cells assure superior airflow between the cells via the ventilation channels to reduce heat build-up. With these features, the ischium is immersed fully in the cushion, allowing individual air cells to be isolated and giving an even distribution of pressure without the added cost of a customized cushion.
  • The Benefits of Neoprene: keep steady pressure in cushion, maintain the cells soft in all environments; and will not be affected either when autoclaved or when exposed to serve cold climate.
  • It’s used in home nursing to release pressure sores or office workers or long time sitting.
  • Supplied with SINGA elastic cover (4-way strength): waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-mold offers skin protection, provide high ventilation and reduce shear force.
  • Protect against pressure sores.
  • Complete with 4-way stretch cover, manual pump and repair kit.
  • Cover: 4 way stretch cover, waterproof. Fir retardant and non-slip.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 KG.

      BEFORE USE                   AFTER USE

Single compartment air cushion
Model Dimension (cm) Dimension (inch) Weight
AS071618 D41 x W46 x H7 D16 x W18 x H2.8 1.2 KG
AS071816 D46 x W41 x H7 D18 x W16 x H2.8 1.2 KG

Dual compartment air cushion
Model Dimension (cm) Dimension (inch) Weight
AD071618 D41 x W46 x H7 D16 x W18 x H2.8 1.4 KG
AD071816 D46 x W41 x H7 D18 x W16 x H2.8 1.4 KG

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