CareMateGel-Foam wheelchair seat cushion
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  wheelchair seat cushion
  • CareMate™ cushion made of raised cells of gel which are placed at equal distances from one another and allow for air circulation.
  • The bottom is based on the Form that can be used for extra support stability. The surface of the cushion is contoured to help distribute pressure at ischemic points and provide good immersion stability.
  • It’s Covered by non-toxic PU film, which helps to prevent bacteria growth and available for easy wipe-clean. The remarkable hardness of base offers a non-slip and protection from the surface of mattress not easy to damage from friction or twist.
  • It’s ideal to support the excellent comfort to the user who need quality positioning support or suffer from low to medium stage pressure ulcers or office workers or long time sitting.
  • Supplied with SINGA elastic cover (4-way strength): waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-mold offers skin protection, provide high ventilation and reduce shear force.
  • Ergonomically designed and contour padded gel seat.
  • Protect against pressure sores and keep better sitting posture.
  • The gel has low heat conductivity, helping to keep the pad at a mild temperature.
  • Complete with 4-way stretch cover which is waterproof. Fire retardant and non-slip.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 KG.


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Model Feature Dimension Weight
CA001 Contour padded gel only D40 x W40 x H2 cm
D16 x W16 x H1.6 inch
CF002 Contour padded gel with foam at bottom D40 x W40 x H4 cm
D16 x W16 x H1.6 inch
CF003 Contour padded gel with foam at bottom D40 x W40 x H6 cm
D16 x W16 x H2.4 inch
CF005 Contour padded gel with foam at bottom D43 x W45.7 x H6 cm
D17 x W18 x H2.4 inch
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