wheelchair seat cushion
Dr. Prelease gel wheelchair seat cushion      support surfaces
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  • Dr. Prelease™ Gel cushion made of Polyurethane Gel with the sacral area protected by sealed Single or Dual part of air bag inside allowing for air flow. With the air bag, air circulates between cells while reduction high pressure concentrations around bony prominences and providing pressure relief and comfort.
  • It’s Covered by non-toxic PU film, which helps to prevent bacteria growth and available for easy wipe-clean. The remarkable hardness of base offers a non-slip and protection from the surface of mattress not easy to damage from friction or twist.
  • Supplied with SINGA elastic cover (4-way strength): waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-mold offers skin protection, provide high ventilation and reduce shear force.
  • It’s ideal to support the excellent comfort for people at low risk of developing pressure ulcers or office workers or long time sitting.
  • No leakage by an accidental cut or puncture.
  • Protect against pressure sores.
  • The gel has low heat conductivity, helping to keep the pad at a mild temperature.
  • Complete with 4-way stretch cover which is waterproof. Fire retardant and non-slip.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 KG.

        DC006                DC007                  DC008                 DC009


Model Feature Dimension (cm) Dimension (inch)
DC005 Gel with single air bag inside L42.5 x W42.5 x H2.5 L17 x W17 x H1
DC006 Gel with dual air bag inside L42.5 x W42.5 x H2.5 L17 x W17 x H1
DC007 Gel only L42.5 x W42.5 x H1.5 L17 x W17 x H0.6
DC008 Gel only L42.5 x W42.5 x H2 L17 x W17 x H0.8
DC009 Gel only L42.5 x W42.5 x H3 L17 x W17 x H1.2
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