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iCare Back wheelchair back cushion 






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  • iCare Back cushion is the best inflatable lumbar & back support that can be inflated by a simple manual pump.
  • Four independent Neoprene air chambers design allows extra ventilation and the pressure adjustable with the four inflation valves provide a custom fit to everyone's lordotic curve giving firm yet tender to relax back muscles.
  • The Benefits of Neoprene: keep steady pressure in cushion, maintain the cells soft in all environments; and will not be affected either when autoclaved or when exposed to serve cold climate.
  • Supplied with an adjustable strap to provide stably positioning. A manual pump, repair kit and 4-way strength cover which is waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-mold offers skin protection, provide high ventilation and reduce shear force.
  • It’s used in home nursing to release pressure sores or office workers or long time sitting.
  • Provide perfect and comfortable in sitting reliability.
  • Offer stable positioning and protection.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store.
  • Complete with 4-way stretch cover, manual pump and repair kit.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 KG.

iCare Back Cushion, Choice of multiple inflation values
Model Dimension Dimension


W10" x H13.4" x D4"/2" inch

W25.4 x H34 x D10/5cm


W12" x H13.4" x D4"/2" inch

W30.4 x H34 x D10/5cm


W14" x H13.4" x D4"/2" inch

W35.6 x H34 x D10/5cm


W16" x H13.4" x D4"/2" inch

W40.6 x H34 x D10/5cm


W18" x H13.4" x D4"/2" inch

W45.7 x H34 x D10/5cm

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