wheelchair seat cushion


Smate Gel wheelchair seat Cushion            support surfaces






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  • Smate™ cushion made of raised square cells of Polyurethane Gel on a foam base. The raised cells are placed at equal distances from one to another allowing the air to circulate between the cells to help distribute pressure at ischemic points and providing pressure relief and comfort.

  • It’s Covered by waterproof, anti-bacteria, washable and breathable Lycra fabric, and the non-slip, keep stable base.

  • It’s ideal to support the excellent comfort for people at low risk of developing pressure ulcers or office workers or long time sitting.


  • Light weight and easily carried.

  • Provide skin protect and pressure relief.

  • Keep sitting balance and ensure stability.

  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 KG.



Model Feature Dimension Dimension



Foam with gel on top



2.5 KG


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